Note:  Most of these sound clips are PERFECT as start-up music for your PC.

       007.wav        The James Bond theme...only the gun-barrel opening sequence part  (607KB)

     20thfox.wav        The opening tune to 20th Century Fox movies  (130KB)

     2sexy2.wav        Small snippet from the I'm Too Sexy song by Right Said Fred  (170KB)

      3rdrock.wav        The theme song of the television show 3rd Rock From The Sun.  (169KB)

     500miles.wav        Taken from the tune I'm Gonna Be by the Proclaimers, found in the movie Benny & Joon  (236KB)

     actnnews.wav        Philadelphia local television news theme  (432KB)

     aptheme.wav        A clip of the theme music from the Austin Powers movies  (741KB)

     benhill.wav        Crazy music from the Benny Hill television show  (991KB)

    bhditty.wav        Funny music heard in Benny Hill episodes  (464KB)

     dolbythx.wav        Dolby THX sound sometimes heard at the beginning of movies  (314KB)

     cardshrk.wav        Theme music for the game shows Card Sharks and Double Dare.  (842KB)

      famfeud.wav        Theme music for the game show Family Feud.  (684KB)

     goodbad.wav        The music heard throughout the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  (876KB)

     loontune.wav        The theme music to Looney Tunes cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, etc)  (108KB)

     mnf.wav        The Monday Night Football theme song- not the Hank Williams version  (158KB)

      nbaonnbc.wav        Theme music heard on NBC's NBA broadcasts.  (326KB)

      nflonfox.wav        Music heard during FOX NFL broadcasts.  (478KB)

    nghtcrt.wav        The theme song of the television show Night Court  (224KB)

     pyramid.wav        Original theme music for the game show $10,000 Pyramid.  (664KB)

     sanford.wav        Sanford & Son theme song  (551KB)

    start95.wav        Windows 95 had used this Rolling Stones song on their commercial a ways back  (248KB)

    startit.wav        This music was heard on some Volkswagen Eclipse commercials.  (520KB)

     stoogetheme.wav        The Three Stooges theme music, otherwise known as Three Blind Mice.  (395KB)

     taxi.wav            The theme song of the television show Taxi  (269KB)

    tpir1.wav         Theme music to the popular game show The Price Is Right  (719KB)

    univrsal.wav       Theme music played at the beginning of Universal movies  (351KB)