ayayaya.wav        Funny sound effect heard in cartoons.  (9KB)

        bababooy.wav        The clip heard on the Howard Stern Radio Show used to address Gary, the producer.  (28KB)

        cantouch.wav       M.C. Hammer declaring, "You can't touch this!"   (67KB)

       carlewis.wav        The worst (yet funniest) rendition of our national anthem, as sung by Carl Lewis (the Olympic track star).  (1,720KB)   

       carlewi2.wav        A shorter version of Carl Lewis's anthem; quicker download.  (759KB)   

     copter.wav            From the PC game SimCity Classic, "City Copter One reporting heavy traffic".   (26KB)

     crashing.wav        The sound of a man screaming and then crashing. It's a funny soundbyte.  (47KB)

     dude.wav            Clip of a man saying, "Dude".  (19KB)

     hescores.wav        Philadelphia Flyers play-by-play announcer proclaiming, "He scores!!!"  (19KB)   

     kill.wav            Parody soundbyte of Barney (the big, purple dinosaur) singing and then being gunned down.  (114KB)

     lionroar.wav        The imposing roar of a lion.  (20KB)

     mario.wav        The lose-a-turn sound from the classic game, Donkey Kong.  (37KB)

     nngaaah.wav        A terrifying screaming sound sometimes heard on the Howard Stern Radio Show.  (37KB)

     ooohhh.wav        A group of people saying, "Oooohhhhh".  (13KB)

     pacman.wav        The famous sound heard in the game Pac-Man when caught by a monster.  (36KB)

     pwhippd.wav        Sound of a whip followed by a cat's meow.  (33KB)

     samk.wav        The late comedian Sam Kinison's famous scream.  (25KB)

     trumpet.wav        A defeated trumpet sound.  (34KB)

     whopsee.wav        Another unidentifiable clip of a person saying, "Whoopsee!"  (25KB)

     wwwhat.wav        Yet another clip sometimes heard on the Howard Stern Radio Show.  (40KB)

     y2ksound.wav   Very funny altered Microsoft Windows start-up sound created specially for the Y2K problem.  (129KB)

     youlose.wav        A sound heard on certain classic game shows when a contestant loses.  (97KB)