At this time, there aren't many commercial WAVs.  More will be added to this page as I collect them.

          7uphaha.wav        The distinct and menacing laugh from the 7-Up guy.  (109KB)

          dadada.wav        The crazy tune heard in the Volkswagen commercials a few years back  (237KB)

       fallen.wav         A famous excerpt from an American Medic commercial: "I've fallen and I can't get up!"  (20KB)

        hounds.wav        Jerry Seinfeld from an American Express commercial: "Release the hounds!"  (30KB)

       inteldoh.wav       The famous Intel commercial, with Homer Simpson adding "Doh!" at the end.  (34KB)

        lcpizza.wav        From the Little Caesars commercial, "Pizza! Pizza!"  (8KB)

        loveuman.wav        Taken from an old Bud Light commercial:  "I love you, man!"  (43KB)

        wassabi.wav        Budweiser "Whassup" commercial: "Wassabi!"  (80KB)

        wazzzzup.wav        Budweiser "Whassup" commercial: "Whazzzup!"  (15KB)

        whasaaaa.wav        Another "Whassup" commercial sound-byte: "Whasaaaa!"  (19KB)

        wherbeef.wav        The funny old lady from the Wendy's commercial from years ago: "Where's the beef?"  (9KB)

        yesiam.wav        Clip from a Budweiser commercial: "Yes I am"  (13KB)