bb3boobs.wav     Beavis: "Whoa check it out, Butthead! This chick has three boobs." (28KB)

            bb69.wav                Butthead:  "69." (46KB)

            bbahoy.wav            Butthead: "Whoa. Chick-ahoy." (23KB)

            bballs.wav              Butthead:  "My balls don't even fit in my pants." (120KB)

            bbass.wav             Butthead:  "I feel like an ass, too. Beavis, go out and get me an ass please."   Beavis:  "OK, would you like some boobs to go with that?" (143KB)

            bbboner.wav        Beavis: "Sometimes if I have a boner that won't go down, I listen to this kind of music." (47KB)

            bbchicks.wav        Butthead: "Uh....we need to learn about chicks." (45KB)

            bbdadork.wav        Beavis:  "What a bunch of dumb-ass, stupid dorks." (61KB)

            bbdilhol.wav        Butthead: "You're next, dill-hole." (51KB)

            bbhold.wav            Beavis: "Hold still, damn it!" (34KB)

            bbpile.wav            Butthead: "Looks like a big pile of crap to me, Beavis." (62KB)

            bbpower.wav        Butthead:  "I am drawn to this, by a power greater than my weiner." (45KB)

            bbthreat.wav        Beavis:  "Are you threatening me?" (28KB)

            beavis1.wav        Beavis:  "You look really cool now." (17KB)

            bunghole.wav        Beavis:  "I am Cornholio! I need T.P. for my bunghole! Hey! Would you like to see my bunghole?" (88KB)

            cornhlio.wav        Beavis:  "I am Cornholio!" (17KB)

            heybaby.wav        Butthead: "Hey, baby." (23KB)

            wiener.wav        Beavis: "Aahhh! He's tryin' to touch my weiner!" (17KB)