cantsee.wav      Larry: "I can't see! I can't see!"  Moe & Shemp: "What's the matter?"  Larry: "I have my eyes closed!" (113KB)

           certnly.wav        Curly: "Certainly!" (8KB)

            cthecat.wav       Moe: "See the cat. Does the mouse see the cat? Yes, the dirty rat!" (68KB)

            curly1.wav        Curly's famous grunt (25KB)

            curly2.wav        A clip of many famous Curly sounds (110KB)

            exit.wav         The ending theme music from certain Stooges episodes (121KB)

            hello.wav        The Three Stooges popular hello greeting (237KB)

            litter3.wav         Moe: "What was your family decomposed of?"   Curly:  "Well, I'll tell ya. There was a litter of three, and I was the one they kept!" (56KB)

            nutz.wav        Moe:  "One of us is nuts and it can't be you!" (44KB)

            nyaaa.wav        One of Curly's crazy noises (48KB)

            nyuknyuk.wav    The name of the file tells it all. (20KB)

            quiet.wav        Moe:  "Quiet, numbskulls! I'm broadcasting!" (41KB)

            shemp.wav        The sound that Shemp is most known for. (58KB)

       singsing.wav        Listen to why Shemp thinks Moe belongs in Sing Sing. (164KB)

            stooges.wav        Banter between Curly and Moe (28KB)

            think.wav        Curly:  "I'm tryin' to think, but nothing happens!" (32KB)

            toupee.wav        Moe:  "Why don't you get a toupee with some brains in it?" (26KB)

            twobucks.wav        Curly (reading from a book): "Oh, see the little deer. Has the deer a little doe?"  Larry: "Yeah, two bucks! Ha ha ha ha!" (85KB)

            ungrtful.wav        Curly:  "Oh ungrateful, eh??" (24KB)

            v5.wav         Larry: "Looks like a V-8!"  Moe:  "Yeah, did you ever hear of a V-5?"  Larry: "What's that, a new car?"   Moe: "No, it's an old sock!" (70KB)

            victim.wav        Curly:  "I'm a victim of circumstance!" (16KB)

           wakeup.wav      Moe: "Wake up and go to sleep!" (14KB)

            wiseguy.wav        Curly:  "Oh, a wiseguy!" (28KB)

            wowowowo.wav    Another one Curly's crazy noises (39KB)

            yourfault.wav       Moe: "This is all your fault, you!" (30KB)